What is the standard weight of the lace wig on your website?

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Our Standard Weight is as the below form.

Lace Wig/ Full Lace Wig
Length Weight(130%) Weight(150%) Weight(180%)
8in 118g 130g 146g
10in 127g 140g 158g
12in 137g 150g 170g
14in 150g 163g 184g
16in 162g 176g 200g
18in 180g 194g 223g
20in 195g 212g 240g
22in 210g 230g 257g
24in 226g 246g 277g


360 Lace Frontal Wigs
360 Frontal Wig Length frontal & bundles length Weight(180%) Weight(150%) Weight(130%)
12in 10in 360 frontal with 12in bundles 180 gram 145 gram 120 gram
14in 12in 360 frontal with 14in bundles 220 gram 175 gram 140 gram
16in 14in 360 frontal with 16in bundles 240 gram 200 gram 150 gram
18in 16in 360 frontal with 18in bundles 255 gram 210 gram 180 gram
20in 18in 360 frontal with 20in bundles 280 gram 235 gram 195 gram
22in 20in 360 frontal with 22in bundles 318 gram 263 gram 213 gram
24in 22in 360 frontal with 24in bundles 332 gram 290 gram 232 gram

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