What’s your point policy?

945 views  September 27, 2020

1.Points Equal to Dollars

$20 order can earn 100 points which equal to $1.


2.How to get points


1).If you log in when you order it, any completed order from website WowAfrican.com can get related points , the system will add points automatically.
2).Post your beautiful and clear pics on your Instagram, and tag us @wowafrican as well as #wowafrican. We will add 200-500 points for you. If your pics are featured on our Instagram ,we will add 1000 points for per pics .
3).Post great photos (at least 3) of wearing our products for your complete order on our website, after your photo has been approved, you will win 200-800 points. Points depend on the quantity and quality of your pictures.
(Pictures request: Clear half-body (from head to waist), and ensure your hair is the focus.
4).Post good videos of wearing our products for your complete order, after your video has been approved you will win 500-2000 points. Points depend on the quality of your video.
5). Text reviews for your complete order can get 100points.
6). Useful suggestions of customers that are once adopted, the customer will win 500-1000points.Points depend on your advice.


3. Points can be used together with coupon code. 

You can use your point any time in future order.

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