How can I wear a lace wig in a high ponytail?

  If you own a full lace wig or 360 lace wig, you’re probably wanting to know how you can style it into a high ponytail!  In fact, full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs are both of the best choices for combing into a high ponytail.  You can wear a 360 lace wig or full lace wig to achieve your dream of versatile hairstyles. These styles can include a classy long ponytail or even a high bun. Keep reading to learn how to style your full lace wig or 360 lace wig into a high ponytail.



  Now let’s start the high ponytail application steps. Using a wig adhesive on your forehead to glue the lace down will secure the wig firmly and keep your hairstyle secure.



   Get Yourself a Wig Cap

1. A-flat foundation is essential to achieve amazing results. One way to do this is to braid the hair straight back.

2. Clean your forehead line with alcohol to make sure that nothing will mess up the lace so that it can be glued to your forehead.

3. Put down the wig cap, apply glue on the forehead, and blow dry to make it completely dry.4. If you want to create a bald scalp appearance, apply some foundation on the wig cap that matches your skin tone.


   Applying Your Wig From The Front Side.

1. Apply glue directly on the forehead to make it smooth. Go on and press down the lace after drying it.

2. Cut off the extra part of lace on the ears and forehead.

3. Leave some baby hair on the front, which makes the forehead hairline more natural.

4. In order to properly blend with the skin, please add a little hair spray.


   Applying The Wig From The Back.---The key to keeping the wig in place when wearing a high ponytail

1. Pull the wig from the back to make it look like original hair.

2. Cut off the extra lace at the back.

3. Apply glue to the neck, press down the lace, and smooth it out.

4. Now, please make sure that the lace is firmly fixed on the head, and then tie the high ponytail.



   Most of the time, you only need a few exercises to bring you lasting results. The more times you practice putting your wig into a ponytail, the easier it will be to master the wig and the less time it will take. With a little patience, you can get a fashionable lace front wig ponytail. Now, continue to experiment and use the lace front wig to create the ponytail of your dreams.