Why Is The Invisible Swiss Lace More And More Popular?

At WowAfrican, The 13X6 human virgin lace frontal wig is made of 13X6 invisible swiss lace frontal closure. This invisible swiss lace is more transparent than the previous brown color. With the invisible swiss lace, You will find the lace wig which is natural as your own scalp.




What's the difference between the invisible Swiss and Normal Lace wig?

  • Skin melt : 
  • Invisible Swiss Lace - Especially, when melted with glue, it may be more invisible and undetectable. No matter what skin tone you have, this melting lace is a perfect match.
  • Normal Lace- It can be suited for most people,but it is not undetectable, not very natural.


  • Durable:
  • Invisible Swiss Lace > Normal Lace Wig


  • Price:
  • Normal Lace Wig is Cheaper Than Invisible Swiss Lace


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